Linguatechnics has published two Spanish instructional books for children, which are currently used in numerous private schools and school districts in the country.

The chapters are divided into sections, facilitating the thematic organization of vocabulary and developing students’ learning skills. The CD narrations teach pronunciation and engage students to listen, repeat, and respond to the narrator, Natalia, and her friends. In addition to its uses in the classroom environment, My Español Book is an excellent medium through which parents can teach Spanish to their children. Both books can be ordered in a teacher’s edition, which includes answers to the exercises.
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My Español Book: Level I
Designed for children from kindergarten through second grade, the first level of My Español Book contains 13 chapters on 177 pages, and includes 2 CDs.
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My Español Book: Level II
Consisting of 13 chapters on 189 pages, and including 2 CDs, My Español Book: Level II introduces advanced and engaging activities that build on the themes and vocabulary of the Level I book. Level II can also serve as the starting book for older students, third through sixth grade.