The professional staff at Linguatechnics has over 15 years of experience in the reliable delivery of the only highest-grade work. Each document translated by Linguatechnics must satisfy our rigorous standards for quality and excellence before making its way back to the client.

We establish a timeframe together with the client for each project. As needed, our translators maintain continuous communication with the clients throughout the project’s duration, in order to ensure maximum accuracy. Every project involves a team of translators for verification and quality assurance.
Our comprehensive translation abilities include:

• Medical
• Automotive
• Scientific
• Legal
• Technical
• Academic
• Agreements
• Articles
• Financial statements
• Driver’s licenses
• Birth certificates
• Marriage certificates
• Academic records
• Manuals
Linguatechnics has been a great resource for our department. They always respond promptly to inquiries and return a professionally translated consent form in record time, regardless of the level of complexity. As a plus, they often find issues in consent forms that we have previously missed.
Bettina Zerante, Regulatory Coordinator, Northwestern University
For over 15 years Linguatechnics is the language resource for business. Their translations are always right for the organization, the market, the budget. Always.
Don Brown, Author, Speaker, Coach, Situational Services Inc.
Linguatechnics has been a great resource for us. We have used them on projects large and small, and in several languages. They are always responsive and thorough.
Mike Davison, President, Bottomline Inc.